Over the past several months Nancy Mace whose claim to fame is that she wrote a feminist-style book about being a female at a military college has been widely rumored to be considering a primary challenge to conservative Republican US Senator Lindsey Graham (R-Seneca). All snickering aside Mace took her diatribe to the next level a few days ago and penned what can only be characterized as a wanton misrepresentation of the truth. You can see her smear piece on Senator Graham here. It's worth noting that Mace couldn't get any South Carolina based website or publication to publish her drivel.

We decided to pick apart each of Mace's claims. Below you will see her erroneous claim and then you will see the facts.

Nancy Mace's Claim: In Senator Graham’s world, arming al-Qaeda in Syria is a good idea.
Fact: Al-Qaeda doesn't need weapons from anyone and Senator Graham never voted to arm al-Qaeda.

Nancy Mace's Claim: In Senator Graham’s world, government should always be trusted but never the American citizen.
Fact: America's largest pro-freedom organization, Americans for Prosperity (2.3 Million grassroots activists strong) gave Senator Graham a 100% rating for his voting record in Congress. AFP doesn't award grades like that to Senators that "never trust the American citizen" as Mace erroneously claims. 

Nancy Mace's Claim: In Senator Graham’s world, the Constitution doesn’t exist.
Fact: Senator Graham spent several years at the University of South Carolina School of Law studying the Constitution, opened his own private practice as an attorney and served in the U.S. Air Force as a J.A.G. Lawyer.

Nancy Mace's Claim: In Senator Graham’s world, the entire Bill of Rights is negotiable.
Fact: As an attorney and as a legislator Lindsey Graham has never voted for legislation that endangers the rights of American citizens.

Nancy Mace's Claim: In Senator Graham’s world, our constitutional rights seem constantly up for debate.
Fact: Mace is right. Constitutional rights are constantly up for debate because Barack Obama is relentless in his pursuit of their erosion. Senator Graham is constantly debating Democrats to ensure our constitutional rights remain intact.

Nancy Mace's Claim: In Senator Graham’s world, he says we’re fighting for freedom but is the first to surrender all of them.
Fact: Nothing could be further from the truth. But do not take our word for it ask the American Security Council why it awarded Lindsey Graham a 100% rating for his crusades against tyranny and in support of freedom in America and abroad.

Nancy Mace's Claim: In Senator Graham’s world, America is going broke, and taxing hard working Americans while spending more money the country simply does not have.
Fact: We aren't sure how Nancy Mace arrives at some of these wild accusations but here again do not take our word for it. Ask Americans for Tax Reform why they awarded Senator Lindsey Graham their coveted "Hero of the Taxpayer" award.

In conclusion it is obvious that in Nancy Mace's world the facts just get in the way of her agenda.
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06/11/2013 2:39pm

Nancy Mace is a delusional half-wit, no doubt. But Graham actually received a 75% from AFP: http://afpscorecard.org/#member#G000359#senate

06/11/2013 8:06pm

Our source on that is located here: http://votesmart.org/interest-group/310/rating/2159#.Ube62UC1FqU


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